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Hip-Hop Vocalist Cleva Thoughts Is The Rising Star Of The Year

Hip-Hop vocalist and songwriter Cleva Thoughts is 2020’s songwriting force and performer on the upscale. She has released several singles including her new single “For The Culture”. There will be more music released in 2020 so stay tuned. 

Cleva Thoughts is an old soul with a lot to express, and she uses her time and talent carefully to rap about her experiences regarding social injustice. The release of her latest music with Pushaudio “Speak in Boss” has reached over 120,000 streams to date. We sat down with Cleva Thoughts to know a little more about her music, lifestyle, aspirations, and inspiration.

About Cleva Thoughts: Chantilly “Cleva Thoughts” Kornegay was born January 20, 1985, in Bronx, New York, to Gina and Russell. Early in life, she was introduced to diverse genres like Reggae, Latin, R-N-B, House, and Jazz music but connected the most with Hip-Hop.

The first brush with music happened when she was 13 on a fateful summer trip to Massachusetts with her uncle and cousins. Uncle George who was a musician played the keyboard and bass guitar. He toured many places with his band which inspired Cleva Thoughts to begin writing. The first 16 bars were written to one of his jazzy instrumentals. However, it would take her until the age of 15 or 16 to learn audio engineering and production.

After years of practice, she refined her technique, style, and delivery into something unique and explosive. Connecting with people around the world and sharing our life stories through music is what motivates Cleva Thoughts to continue her journey. She has been the hip-hop vocalist to many songwriters including “Don’t Touch the Hair” by Jeff Rivera. The ability to analyze her surroundings and turn them into thought-provoking lyrics over almost any type of melody shows her creativity and skillset. 

“I want to be able to reach people on many levels because humans go through many emotions, and music is a universal language. So I create music that can reflect many of those different feelings through my perspective,” Cleva Thoughts shared with us.

She had the opportunity to perform in various venues and collaborated with artists from around the world. A highlight for her career is when she was featured in a magazine featuring Tech N9Ne and won a Pop Up Cypher in Washington, DC hosted by The Ounce Brand, The Rap Trade, and The Lab Cyphers. While her song plays on various underground radio stations like Trend City Radio, she aims to reach even more people. Over the past year, she has also worked as a songwriter for producers, artists, labels, Youtubers, podcasts, and various brands.

Cleva Thoughts is the owner of Box The Mic Entertainment where she carries out her day to day business.  We hope to see and hear a lot more of Cleva Thoughts in the music industry. Find her music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube

Cleva Thoughts is also active and present on social media platforms like Instagram. You can follow her there to stay updated with her life and her music.

Media Contact Company Name: Box The Mic Entertainment Contact Person: Chantilly Kornegay Email: Send Email Country: United States Website:

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