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Hot Emerging Rapper Delivers Energy - #HHOE

Flint Mi United States — Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 — NEW rapper AFFLUENT JB has energy in his latest release titled “Matching Energy” prd by Rell4Rell. Has potential to be a big deal!

Matching Energy is a single from rapper Affluent JB on an upcoming mixtape titled The Green Print 2 that will release early this year 2021.If it’s up got to know I’m Matching that Energy! – lyrics by Affluent JB

The Green Print 2 is the second part following TGP mixtape released summer of 2020. The Green Print is available on streaming services platforms.

Mixtape is expected to be more successful than the first.

Check Out AFFLUENT JB Albums and Mixtapes on YouTube, Apple Music, & Spotify and other streaming platforms. #PCA_Records

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