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Infusing Hip Hop with Versatile New Faces and Stories: Dynamic Artist Rio Flame Unveils New Single

Swiftly gathering momentum in the rich and layered world of Hip Hop, singer-songwriter Rio Flame is releasing the captivating new single “High Life ft. Sammie”.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, August 16, 2021 - A magnetic force in the world of Hip Hop and Rap, Rio Flame continues to mesmerize listeners with his narrative appeal and vivid songwriting. The rising singer-songwriter’s newest release captures a range of emotions and brings a breath of fresh air to the tried and tested genre. Crafting his own independent identity, Rio Flame’s musical compositions offer both memorable lyricism and rhythms to vibe along to.

The artist’s stunning new release, “High Life” features seasoned R&B icon Sammie, with whom Rio Flame worked to fully attune his lyrics and songwriting to a captivating vibe that hooks listeners from the onset. Having released on May 2nd, 2021, “High Life” is complemented by a music video that brilliantly captures the artist’s musical concept.

Considering himself a slept-on talent, Rio remains confident that his unique musical spirit will grab the attention of Rap listeners. His newest single helps showcase his story-telling talents and inimitable style of songwriting, which remains inspired by the work of icons such as Nelly. The artist also considers growing up in St. Louis to be a driving factor in developing his love for music, and devotion towards the art of Hip Hop.

“I am a rare type of artist; I can do it all… versatility is my biggest strength- I like to paint a picture with my words,” says Rio Flame regarding his newest single.

Stream Rio Flame’s latest release, and follow the artist on Instagram for updates regarding new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to contact the artist through email.


An up-and-coming rapper, singer-songwriter and engineer, Rio Flame remains motivated to enthrall listeners with authentic and memorable Rap music. A growing name in Hip Hop, the artist has been making music since he was 9 years old but decided to formally get into making original musical compositions 6 years ago. Rio’s driving goal remains to build awareness for himself and his indie label, ‘Young Royalty Forever’. With the release of his newest single, “High Life ft. Sammie”, the eclectic artist hopes to grow his imprint, garnering traction for himself and the talented musical team working with him.


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