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Introducing Default, a Missouri-Based Indie Rap Artist - #HHOE

Listen to Default’s Latest Releases That Dive Into His Struggles

Joplin, Missouri – Throughout all the struggles, music is the one constant that has always been a part of Default’s life. Default leverages his life experiences to create music that is unique through and through every time.

His most recent release is his album release, ‘Whatever it takes’, which contains 14 tracks. Through this album, the artist reflects on his time when he could not release music for a year. The lyricism will tell the listener a tale of those challenging times and how Default rose to the occasion and persevered.

He has shown diversity and depth of his musical talent with releases like “Move With Me” and “Smile”. “Smile” is the artist’s biggest hit yet, with over 25,000 plays on Spotify.

‘Whatever it takes’ has a new story for his fanbase but has the same smooth yet popping vibe unique to Default. The realism in all his lyrical work will captivate people with themes of trials and tribulations and pull on their heartstrings. He hopes to continue releasing new music projects that will allow him to bond with audiophiles worldwide.

Check out Default and his music, available for streaming and purchase. Listeners can also follow the artist on major music and social media platforms to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. To contact him for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.


Default is a musician based in Joplin, Missouri. Although his music mainly falls under the genres of rap, alternative, and soul, the artist does not like to restrict himself creatively. Default likes to work off of different music styles to create his own unique take. He has gradually garnered a fanbase that enjoys his mellow raps and expressive lyrics.

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