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Introducing Miami Rap Label Color Currency Entertainment

Roster Overflowing with Talent

Record labels have always been the standard in the music industry. Whether they’re the titans with their larger than life names, or the independent ones that still manage to build a reputable reputation for themselves; labels still have clout in this world. Because with labels comes not only representation but a sense of community with its artists, as well as the reality that when iconic, a record label is as recognizable as a brand name. Bad Boy, Def Jam, Death Row. All of those have risen in the ranks and now Miami’s Color Currency Entertainment is gearing towards doing the same with its cascade of talent and drive for success. 

Representing where they call home, Color Currency Entertainment’s roster highlights the top hip hop artists in the southern region of the US has to offer; Fishstixz, A.T Lyrics, Gudda Zo, SM Stunt, MulaMarley, Young Buiee, and Drive 1k. Four of which are on the label’s most recent release, ‘Cut Da Roof Off.’ The compilation album features Fishstixz, A.T Lyrics, Gudda Zo, and Drive 1k doing what they do best; laying down rhymes that highlight their lifestyles from their upbringings in neighborhoods riddled with drugs and violence to how they want to flip the script and make a name for themselves despite where they started. 

Stream "Cut The Roof Off"

Overall Color Currency Entertainment delivers what they have dubbed as melodies and felonies; poverty-driven music that focuses on the struggle, pain, money, inner-city drugs, guns, murder, partying loyalty, honor, inspiration, and hope.

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, reviewing ‘Cut Da Roof Off,’ or interviewing Color Currency Entertainment’s CEO or any of the artists on their roster can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Color Currency Entertainment, please visit:

About: Color Currency Entertainment is a new rap label down in Miami representing Southern hip hop’s finest. 

Contact: Color Currency Entertainment Andre Toomer 786-222-1929

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