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Introducing Ohio Hip Hop Artist Rescate'

Columbus, Ohio native Rescate' is stepping into the music industry not to impress but to take over. The Ohio rapper grew up in the inner city full of chaos and drama but soon discovered writing music helped him in a way to convey his emotions. Rescate' is like no other artist and has been working on his craft and writing music since the age of 6. He started to take his career seriously after attending college, and from there, he never looked back. Wonder what's to come next for Rescate', check out his latest release "Whips & Kicks" on Youtube.

Stream "Whips & Kicks" by Rescate'

What stands out the most in Rescate's music are his melodic vocals and lyrics. It is a strong possibility he came into songwriting and music admiring the greatest of Hip-Hop & R&B. On his latest Triller release, he broadcast more than his talents, but what he has to offer as an artist in popular music and the hip-hop world.

Check out Rescate' latest Triller Video

Rescate' has no attention on slowing down as an independent artist until a label offers him the right deal and situation. You can stay in contact with Rescate' here.

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