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J.Irja Debut Hot New EP titled 'All Bangerz' - #HHOE

J. Irja is The Sexy Psycho. Coming from the depths of Poverty, Canadian born J. Irja literally hustled her way to the top against all odds- She has earned her spot as an Artist to Watch by touring over half the US performing in front of thousands, while gaining attention from the press around the globe including Canada & Australia. J. Irja proves you can be Sexy yet Lyrical, and Feminine yet Powerful in this captivating performance as she earns the name, The Sexy Psycho. She writes all of her own songs & executive produces her videos from the ground up, self-funded her entire career from the sweat off her back and continues to gain respect from the Underground & Majors alike.

Most notable Collaborations on records are with Twista, Paul Wall, Gorilla Zoe, Bubba Sparxxx, Lil Wyte and many more. She is set to debut her hot new EP titled ALL Bangerz on May 15th (Beats by Grip Gunz/ co- executive produced by Kinfolk The Plug). Available on All Major streaming platforms accompanied by her captivating video premiering the same day on YouTube entitled ‘Poppin Chips’

Platinum Producer DJ Pain 1 says ‘J. Irja shuts down the stage every time’ & she surely does. Nova Music Blog “Arguably one of the most lyrically complex and creative unsigned female rappers in the current hip-hop industry” to-rise-above-abuse-in-life-and-the-industry/


J. Irja Paving New Lanes & Breaking Barriers for Independent Females! She is arguably one of the most lyrically complex and creative unsigned female rappers in the current hip-hop industry. One encounter with J. Irja The Sexy Psycho and you’ll never forget her 5’0” dynamite frame that dons a striking head tattoo and boasts a powerhouse of rapid-fire, catchy lyrics and explosive stage presence. Her fans liken her to a “white girl Tech N9ne” and “female Eminem.” Platinum Producer DJ Pain 1 co-signs her performance by stating “J. Irja shuts down the stage – every time.”

J. Irja’s performance and music are both captivating, but perhaps the most intriguing thing about J. Irja is her music is all inspired but her real life. In her own words “EVERYTHING I rap is real, I’ve either been through it or seen it. I don’t do fake, I don’t do ‘Wishlist Rapping’

The pain in her music comes from a lifetime of struggling, of turning nothing into something. She grew up in Canada in a poverty-stricken 7 person home and turned to small side hustles to help put food on the table. A major head injury in 5th grade caused major set-backs both mentally and socially for her, and she became an outcast. She shaved her head and joined the wrestling team, and after her parents disapproval, she went on to cheerleading. It was obvious that she was torn within between her masculine and feminine sides and she turned to her one true love for solace: Music.

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