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Jamaica Born Artist Rytis Releases New Single “Get It Right”

Hip hop artist Rytis is upending the hip hop scene with the release of his latest music. A series of new songs are showing a new representation from the Big Apple.

“Da 5 Senxes” EP features the lyrical power of the artist combined with raw, hip hop sounds with a splash of R&B. “Get It Right” is a featured track on the EP that reveals the full extent of Rytis’ talent with its melodic sound. The slow beat will still get listeners moving and rushing to add these tracks to their playlists.

Jamaica-born Rytis has lived a life where music was his safe place and his outlet. Rytis has fallen in love with several music genres, including R&B. Rytis’ goal is to put the substance back into music. His determination to make music that sounds like nothing else heard on the radio is bringing Rytis the success and fanbase to make him great.

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