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Jetside Rell Bares His Soul In New Music Video "In My City"

[Philadelphia, PA] – Rising hip-hop artist JetsideRell bares his soul in the powerful music video for his latest track “In My City.” The song, a raw and poignant ode to friends lost to gun violence, paints a vivid picture of the toll that gun violence takes on the community.

Fueled by raw emotion and introspective lyrics, “In My City” takes viewers on an agonizing journey through the struggles of loss. The track opens with a somber melody, as Rell weaves personal stories of fallen friends and the lasting impact of their absence, creating a relatable and deeply moving song that transcends musical genres. The music video, directed by Daytona Hood Savior and shot and edited by Seem Vision, amplifies the song's emotional impact through its stripped-down aesthetic. Captured entirely in solo shots, the video focuses on Rell’s expressive faces and heartfelt delivery, drawing viewers into his emotional landscape without distractions. It's a deliberate choice, allowing the raw vulnerability of the song and Rell’s performance to take center stage.

"This song is my story, but it's also the story of countless others," says Rell. "It’s about everyone who’s lost someone. It’s about sharing their stories, acknowledging their pain, and the love and determined spirit that keeps them going."

Watch the official music video for “In My City” here:

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About Jetside Rell:

Jetside Rell is a rising hip-hop artist and producer from Philadelphia, PA. He boasts a musical style that is as diverse as the city itself. He seamlessly blends raw emotion, witty lyricism, and infectious beats to create a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh. His debut EP “The Arrival” released in 2021.

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