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JINZ Wants You To Unplug With His New Single ‘Too High’

New Zealand-based rapper JINZ wants you to unplug from society in his latest single ‘Too High’.

Going back to his roots and his foundational sounds, ‘Too High’ continues to display his lyrical ability, supplying a masterclass on just how technical and clinical he can be with his delivery.

The single sees the rapper go into a journey of self-reflection from unplugging from society himself, and wants to share the importance of taking time for self-care.

According to JINZ, “This song is really about steering clear of constant news and media, there's always a new distraction, tragedy, hot topic or celebrity mishap that's being reported. I've found myself at times completely submerged in matters I really have zero control over or actually have any business being aware of at all. Days without my phone glued to my hand are important, nature is important, friends and family are important,”

“Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is not important, well not to me at least. Maybe for Will and Chris it's a concern. I suppose the message would be chill-out and unplug now and again, relieve yourself of the world’s troubles, especially the nonsense,”

The song delves into classical pop reminiscing "Foster The People" style vocal stabs in with

commonly used chord progressions to offer a feel of familiarity, where the vocals are slightly

reminiscent of "Easy Life" or "Mac Miller".

‘Too High’ will be featured on his upcoming self-titled album release ‘JINZ,’ slated for release nextyear.

Born in the UK, JINZ’s music is full of juicy sounds and grooves that have you nodding your head along from beginning to end. Seamlessly evoking nostalgia with a modern twist.

The rapper has gone on to support the likes of X-zibit, GZA, Pharoe Monch, The Four Owls and Ocean Wisdom. Massing over 2.5 million streams with his music, with every release JINZ continues to grow with his most honest, musical and visionary work to date.

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