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Jo Petit’s Is Not Letting Up on New Single "Stressed Out"

Existential and effervescent, Jo Petit’s "Stressed Out" is the perfect prescription for anyone and everyone feeling the weight of the world lately. Glowing reggae rhythms and suave, swinging vocals go down easy and take the edge off as Jo Petit deliver a frank portrait of the mental weight of modern life to an enduring melody, light and catchy enough to make any listener lucky enough to hear it smile. These are undoubtedly crazy times, but Stressed Out is ready to commiserate and help you take a load off as you sail away on smooth seas of sound.

Jo Petit’s luminous vocal melody is endlessly pleasant, and sticks with audiences long after the song has ended, giving the song an inescapable likability. The tone of Petit’s voice is gentle and radiant and blends seamlessly with the plush tropical-vibed offbeat instrumentation and diverse percussion that give this pop song its irresistible reggae-inspired lilt. Contextually the song is quite clever, as its flowing lyrics run parallel to Reggae’s tradition of social commentary, while maintaining a much more subtle stance, pointing out personal struggles that are widely relatable, without diving into anything as deep as specific political criticisms. This helps build the foundation for Stressed Out’s duality: negativity (in this case expressed with a musically positive feel) allows for audiences to experience catharsis, and ultimately bends this heavy themed song back around to be extremely uplifting.

Stressed Out is simple in the best of ways. No notes. Thank you!

Stressed Out comes across as honest and unassuming in a way that will attract millennials all over. The track has huge pop appeal, and its reggae feel can speak to fans not only of dub/reggae itself but singer-songwriter styles and early 2000’s Alt-rock listeners as well.

While the song could be an easy warm-weather hit, Jo Petit could also look at the possibility of a release in the Fall or very early Spring if he wanted to avoid being pigeonholed as a summer single. Charming to the max, Stressed Out is bound to be widely appreciated in coastal cabanas and land-locked lounges alike, not to mention everywhere in between.

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