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Jyella Proves Why He “Run It” With New Single

Rap has been a part of Jyella’s life ever since he was a kid running around, answering to his given name Jeremy Grant. He went from just a fan to someone who wanted to pursue it in eighth grade when he’d start freestyling with his friends at lunch and after school. From there, his talents and interest in the industry grew until he wasn’t just an artist, but an entrepreneur. Today he’s the founder of Rech Entertainment and the co-founder of Rech Blacc Kingz. With so many plates spinning as a business owner, he has added more with his artistry and his latest single, “Run It.” 

Released in May 2020, “Run It” starts with this perfectly constructed intro that leads right into the action. Amid the lyrics that hype listeners up are well-constructed beats that take the track to new heights. “Run It” follows the release of “Text” which dropped earlier this year. They’re just two of a handful of singles he’s dropped since 2016. 

Stream "Run It" by Jyella

It’s been a decade since Jyella started heating up stages at local showcases and making a name for himself in the Houston scene. Right before a global pandemic got underway and states started shutting down left and right, Jyella was able to participate in Houston’s Coast to Coast Live 2020. He took fourth place and cannot wait until he can perform again as the stage is where he really comes alive. Until then he plans on continuing his work with his two businesses, releasing new music, and dropping several new videos. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, featuring the “Run It” video on their site, or interviewing Jyella for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Jyella, please visit:

About: Jyella presents his latest single, “Run It.” Check the single and video out now!

Contact: Jyella Jeremy Grant 281-948-0986

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