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K. Dulce Leaves R&B and Hip Hop Melded to Perfection - #HHOE

K. Dulce produces rich and varied musical compositions which perfectly encapsulate the richness and brilliance of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop Music

Atlanta, GA – Up-and-coming artist, singer and songwriter K. Dulce is all set to become a sensation of Hip Pop and R&B music as she releases her new single and video titled “LET GO”. Directed by Tony Reams of MemoryWedge Atlanta and represented by Agency Rose Talent (A.R.T FAME), the song has been written and performed by K. Dulce and remains a powerful message for all listeners of her music.

Lovers of R&B and Hip Pop will find that her music is a drop top sensation which has been called by executives as the “modern day Hip-Hop Sade”. An artist, K. Dulce believes that her paint brush is basically her pen, her heart is a canvas and life is the paint and this way, she tries to play with her creative spirit. Growing up in in a pretty rough childhood environment has made her life much different than most little girls. The challenges of growing up in an environment where pain and hurt was not foreign, K. Dulce became a huge proponent of mental health and living healthily. She craves normalcy which she has lacked in her childhood through music and her compositions which reflect her vision.

Today, she wishes to be the voice of the little girls around the world who are experiencing broken hearts, disappointments and need direction. By providing clarity and a vision for the people who are the quiet ones, the abused the disadvantaged, K. Dulce is the smooth operator to healing hearts. She believes strongly that she is driven by purpose and not by any goal.


A 22 year-old artist who grew up in Winder, Georgia, K. Dulce’s music encapsulates her stunning, unique and peerless self, which some have described as quirky, others as just different. Adamant on exploring what has been happening behind the scenes, K. Dulce’s music is original and unique because it reflects her own self.

She is a proud and confident solo artist from a small town in Winder, Georgia and has been diligently and purposefully writing music and poetry since she was 8 years old. Her music was and has always been an escape from the world she was living in and she plans to do the same for others; provide an escape route to understanding and sweet healing.

Comparing her musical composition and work to adding many colors on the life of an empty and blank canvas, K. Dulce believes her strong and authentic Hip Hop vibes will provide not only some much-needed solace and kindness in today’s fast-paced, problematic world, but also a semblance of clarity. She believes her music will be a source of inspiration for many who are looking for reassurance and love.

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