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King Bliss Releases New Single "Eternity" Ft. Itimo

King Bliss teams up with reggae veteran, Itimo, to deliver "Eternity". This new single blends Bliss' hypnotic cadence and poignant social commentary with Itimo's captivating melodies and vocal acrobatics.

King Bliss is here for eternity with his timeless rap style and rhyming bravado.   He has a powerful style that feels familiar, yet new.  While lyrically  addressing the human condition known to many of us, like struggle and  heartache, there is a quiet, clean, calmness to the sound that soothes  your soul. The layering of instrumentation and Itimo's melodic statement  developed at the beginning of Eternity adds to the thematic depth of the song.  King Bliss’s vibe is definitely worth a listen and having as part of your rap collection.

"Eternity" is Out Now and Available on All Major Streaming Platforms.

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