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King Cali Crypto’s Powerful New Single “Who Is You” Amazes All

Influenced by the intensity of emotions, King Cali Crypto embraces a supreme and magnificent new outlook in her newest record

CONCORD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2023 – Bestriding the worlds of Hip Hop and Rap, King Cali Crypto returns with yet another marvelous record, depicting nothing short of greatness and a knack for originality. Titled “Who is You,” the artist’s intriguing new release builds onto his cryptic persona, as an artist and individual whose work demands attention.

Delivering high-energy mixes and blends that brim with a classic appeal and underground, never heard before sparkle, King Cali Crypto’s tracks are one to watch out for. “Who are You” is bound to grab the attention of all fans of the genre, and is an impressive follow-up to the artist’s previous, magnetizing record ‘Split.’

Influenced by the likes of iconic artists such as Eminem, Tech Nine, and E-40, King Cali Crypto takes his sound to a whole new level with the intensity of his craft. Swiftly becoming the most talked-about artist of contemporary times, the Hip Hop trailblazer is stunning audiences around the country.

Previously, King Cali Crypto has extensive experience releasing music under the pseudonym ‘Bones.’ Dropping refreshing and unique tracks every month on all official music streaming platforms, King Cali Crypto has also furnished an all-original music video recently.

King Cali Crypto is also streaming and making YouTube videos of him gaming, adding an extra layer of fun to his already impressive artistry. King Cali Crypto’s long-term goals include releasing a single every month for a year and dropping an album at the end of the cycle.

The eclectic artist’s goal is to have one of his songs go viral, making it onto everyone’s playlists. For audiences craving something bold, fresh, and unexpected, King Cali Crypto’s music is a definite match!

Dynamic, passionate, and intense beyond measure, King Cali Crypto’s new record is just a small peek into the artist’s wide-ranging talents. His works echo a relatability that is rare in the music world and provide a glimpse into the future of his unique blend of Hip Hop.

“My music is very intense. It’s too hard for the radio and too hot for tv. Definitely, music made for the underground,” says the artist regarding his music.

Stream King Cali Crypto’s new music, follow him on social media, and feel free to contact the artist for interviews and reviews. The artist remains open to live performances as well.


Creating pieces of art in the most unexpected of situations and states of mind, King Cali Crypto is a burgeoning icon. Aiming to create something novel yet exciting, the artist is consistently pushing boundaries and experimenting with his palette. His striking new record, ‘Who are You’ represents his latest effort to ink his name on the industry’s canvas.

Making music since 2006, the artist remains inspired by Eminem, whom he considers his muse, and Yayito, who inspires him to reach new heights.


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