King Uche releases 2nd EP and Surprises Fans Worldwide

With a hint of West African culture and the southern flavor from living in Miami, Florida, King Uche’s music justifies the crown on his head, and his title

The up-and-coming undisputed King of Rap from Africa King Uche has certainly made a bold statement with his newest EP that has redefined the trajectory of his career. The new EP, named ‘UCHE MUSA’ will be releasing worldwide on July 23rd, much to the delight of his diehard fans around the world. King Uche hails from ImoState, Nigeria, but is currently living in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California, which is what allows his music to have such a unique flavor to it. As good as he is with his catchy lyrics and impressive instrumentals, King Uche did not always want to be a musician. He got into the entertainment industry because he was in love with business – he saw rising potential in Hip Hop and Afrobeats music and he took his chance.

His newest EP, ‘UCHE MUSA’ is one that is based on a couple of life events. The reign of Mansa Musa (whom the EP is based off), the Nigerian Civil War (that led to the loss of over a million indigenous “Igbos”), and King Uche’s own life struggle of being born in the harsh, poverty-stricken ghettos of Nigeria have all inspired him to rap his heart out. The EP Is also a love letter to Mansa Musa, the wealthiest man to ever walk the surface of the Earth. King Uche is inspired by the generosity of Mansa Musa and hopes he can emulate it in some form or another. King Uche hopes that ‘UCHE MUSA’ serves as a spiritual energy boost for everyone lacking motivation and drive. He combines his uplifting message in a harmony of Hip Hop and Afrobeats which creates a musical experience unlike any other.