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Las Vegas “Mann” VOWS To “Beat Yo’ A**” - #HHOE

Las Vegas, NV — Longtime Hip Hop Head, Kevin “Inky Mann ” Holmes threatens to “beat” Connecticut Artist AR-15. The issue is…they’ve been friends for over 20 plus years!

Inky Mann, host of the cult favorite Inky Mann Show , has followed up from his first release The B9rn InXperiment (released July 2020), with a lead single – Benjamin Hamilton.

He says this will be the lead single to the project Ink vs AR15, due for a February 1st release. This project promises to be filled with “sonic ultraviolence” as he puts it and “clarity” to an unseen brewing “beef” between the two artists.

” The beef is on! I’m ready to “beat” his ass”, says the cantankerous Inky Mann, ” He won’t know what hit him. I’ve been watching the way he’s been moving. Checkmate!”

According to “The Mann”, he’ll be dropping another single before the project releases. He’s experimenting with a focus group, currently.

With a decade or two of beat making under his belt and COVID 19 regulate our lives, Inky Mann promises to continually put music out for “Eargasms” to come. According ti Inky Mann, ” he just scratched the surface”.

You can Inky Mann on various outlets – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes and others to name a few. Go to and joine the List on the Home Page for more music, events, hook ups, etc. You can even follow him here


Founder of the UndaDog Family, a crew started in the 90s, in Bridgeport, CT.

Modeled after Wu Tang and backed by the Universal Zulu Nation, the crew swept through Connecticut scooping up producers, MCs and overall Hip Hop “heads”. Noteable groups like Yes Yes Y’all, Inky Mann, Blu Soul, Men Eastyles, Deadly Venoms, Rerservoir Dogs, Fatal Strike and others emerged from the clan.

After releasing The B9rn InXperiment, he’s caught the beatmaking bug and I’m releasing more projects throughout the year.

He also hosts the cult favorite Inky Mann Show found on Facebook and YouTube.

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