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New Music Release: Status The Marlboro Man Titled "I Hate You"

"I Hate U" - written and produced by Status the Marlboro Man is a dark and telling Boom-Bap Hip-Hop track. The brooding pianos and heavy drums lay way for three murderous verses. The no-nonsense hook says it all in three word - I HATE YOU.

The song dismantles the angst and anger felt towards world injustices, sneaks, rats and two-face liars. Every line is as poetic as it is just. From world hunger to scandals and defeat, we can all relate to the sheer destain for the despicable and unfair.

Play this song when you're boxing at the gym or hating your job. Play it loud when your local politicians steal and lie. Let your anger flow through every line Status spits and nod your head to the infectious beat. Status is no spring chicken and has seen many hardships in his 40+ years on this planet.

Hailing from North Denver Colorado, Status is a local legend and mentor to the Mile High Hip-Hop scene and abroad. Fans of true HipHop and independent music - do yourself favor and add STATUS THE MARLBORO MAN to your list of emcees carrying the underground torch. Find this and more on his latest release "In Time It Will Go: Side B" now streaming.

Stream and Download "I Hate You" Now

Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Musick PR)

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