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Lewielxrdd Release New Album "THe Flashy Broke Boy"

Newly on the rap scene, artist Lewielxrdd. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, but raised on the Eastside of Chicago, the twenty-three-year-old Emcee has something special!!! With a musically oriented family, one could say Lewielxrdd was destined for this life. Now, determined to make his late father proud, he strives to carry the torch himself and build the legacy.

With the release of his debut project “The Flashy Broke Boy”, Lewielxrdd wants the fans and people around the world to know that it’s okay to want the finer things in life, it’s okay to want to live a stable lifestyle, but what are you going to do in order to accomplish your goals? The album features the hit singles “Change (Intro)”, “Tell The Truth”, “Waste Time”, & his latest single to date “Hit A Lick” featuring SW Chicago Artist, WoodBlock CA.

Me Personally, I feel as if everyone’s lives aren’t 100% alike but they’re relatable in many different ways. I pride myself on making biographical music as well as other types of music but sticking back to Biographical Music (Real Music) music with substance. That gives the fans a legitimate chance to connect with you as an artist but person foremost & it shows the viewer that you’re just like them in a way…. that’s what I want to accomplish with my music.

“The Flashy Broke Boy” is just a message to the ones who are overlooked but know for a fact they’re going to win in life god willing!

Album out everywhere now!!!

Stream "Pokin' Spree" by Lewielxrdd

Newly on the rap scene, artist Lewielxrdd touches on his upbringing in the streets of Chicago & also touches on his debut project “The Flashy Broke Boy”.


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