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Making a Statement in Hip-Hop: Bronx Artist Redlite Releases a New Album "Far From Finished"

Creating magnificent music through his life experiences, multi-talented rap artist Redlite releases his 8th studio album, "Far From Finished"

Hip-Hop artist Redlite takes representing the Bronx to a whole new level. With early experiences in writing poetry at a young age, the New York City MC is no stranger to the hip-hop world. His music is a perfect blend of lyrical Hip-Hop that includes an authentic sound that speaks on the inner city's life and overcoming many obstacles. Redlite's music combines old and new school hip-hop, reflecting the reality of street life with a positive message. Fast forward to 2021, his dedication and commitment to his music, craft, and journey have manifested into a new album entitled "Far From Finished."

The multi-talented artist has an outstanding work ethic for creating music, leading him to drop five albums in 2020. With over eight albums recorded and released in 5 years of his career, he is much more than your average musician. In the summer of 2020, Redlite's single "One Nite" was broadcasted over one of New York City's top radio stations Power 105.1, and presented by celebrity DJ Suss 1. The hit single is not available on the new album "Far From Finished" but can be streamed and purchased on all music platforms.

Already respected as one of New York's MCs, Redlite's progression as a rapper shows in every single track. He places life into his music that comes deeply from his heart and life experiences that inspire and connect with fans and new listeners worldwide. Critics and fans embrace Redlite's energy and creativity in his latest album release, "Far From Finished."

"Far From Finished" is an album highly respected by the OG's of hip-hop and rap music lovers. Our staff rated this album as one of a kind (4 out of 5 mics). With 13 strong tracks, the Bronx MC shows versatility and passion for new and old-school hip-hop. Tracks like "Summer Lit" puts you in the state of New York music as it is today, and "New York Gaint" places you in the mecca of hip-hop with bars like no other. Redlite is definitely a powerhouse in the industry as he makes his way to the mainstream.

Humbled by his new album, Redlite makes it known that "this is what he was born to do, and he is just warming up." Stream the "Far From Finished" album now on all major music streaming platforms and stores.


Redlite is a 6'4 indie hip-hop artist born and raised in the Bronx. He started writing poetry at 13 and rapping one year later. In his early 20s, he signed with Ford Models agency in NYC. He has been recording for five years and just released the 8th album. Last year he dropped 5 in 1 year.

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