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Mayz Mozart Stuns with Exciting New Single ‘Godly Gifted’

With his dynamic new single dropping in December 2021, talented powerhouse Mayz Mozart is set to captivate listeners, standing out from the mainstream scene.

ALBERTON, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, December 27, 2021 - Breaking back into the Rap scene with a highly anticipated upcoming single, Mayz Mozart marks the end of a hiatus, with his new release, “Godly Gifted”. Under the purview of AMGifteds Music Group, the talented powerhouse’s newest single, ‘Godly Gifted’ highlights the creative spirit and meaningful lyricism which he conjures.

A rising creative force in Rap and Hip Hop, Mayz Mozart is sending ripples in the industry as a South African rapper, songwriter and record producer who is here to stay. Mayz’s newest release is slated to debut on the 17th of December, teased as the first imprint of an exciting new project by this formidable sound enthusiast and music maniac.

Produced by KaYGeiigh88, “Godly Gifted” is Mayz Mozart’s first record to work without him being a part of the production side of the work. The artist’s rhythmic new mix showcases a unique musical ethos, with his work manifesting an experimental mindset which he works through with ease.

Curating artistic masterpieces, Mayz has grown through his musical art to the point that he is now infusing diverse sounds and genres with modern Hip Hop music. With “Godly Gifted”, Mayz Mozart is doing what he does best-pioneering refreshing new sounds especially within the Hip Hop music scene, straying away from cliched depictions of drugs and alcohol, and adding layered narrations.

The inspiration behind the new single stems from Mayz’s realization of the fact that as long as he walks on earth, he has a purpose. Since music is the one thing that Mayz had felt was his best strength, there is no other way for him to express it than through his own independently crafted musical compositions.

Stream the artist’s newest release and follow Mayz Mozart on social media for updates about new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through email.


Mpho Pamla is an exceptionally creative rapper, songwriter and record producer who was born on May 12th, 1998, in Germiston and raised in Thokoza/Menoldin(Tkz)- a place where he picked up most of his inspiration in the art of music. A budding artist in the world of Hip Hop, Mpho Pamla is driven to revitalize the musical sphere. From the young age of 13, Mpho known better by his artistic name Mayz Mozart, recognized his significant gift in making music. This self-actualization first came as a suggestion from one of his older cousins who already had some experience in record production and had instrumentals which he wanted the young Mozart to work on.

Mayz had already been attempting to write songs, channeling his burning passion for poetry, exploring what turned out to be a great talent to the ears of young Mpho’s cousin. The eclectic artist beat all expectations, standing out with his first ever studio session, and giving himself a boost of confidence as a lyricist. Not long after, Mayz took upon the Mayz Mozart garb, with record production companies calling him to materialize his ideas onto produced records.


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