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Meet Bne Jugg, Warner Center Music Group Emerging Trap Rapper

Rising Warner Center Music Group rapper Bne Jugg is a phenomenal artist. With the release of his latest video “Chicken Kitchen” in March, the Maryland-based artist is preparing to take the industry by surprise. “Chicken Kitchen” is filled with deep vocals, hardcore trap lyrics, and banging 808; with that, he’s continuously been expanding his brand and music all over the internet.

The 18-year-old trap rap star was raised in Maryland. It’s only recently that the “Chicken Kitchen” rapper landed a big deal with Warner Center Music Group. He is currently working with LAFAME, a well-known businessman and record label CEO of Warner Center Music Group. Before and after the pandemic, Bne Jugg is still putting in work and making a name for himself in the music industry.

The latest release still has many people talking and calming that “Chicken Kitchen” is one of their favorites, and they are requesting more music from the Maryland artist. This is what separates Bne Jugg from most upcoming rappers.

Watch “Chicken Kitchen” by Bne Jugg Official Video

We had the chance to speak with his business associate LAFAME on Instagram, and he told us: “This artist is one of a kind and there are more to come from his label Warner Center Music Group and Bne Jugg.”

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