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Meet California Next Big Hip-Hop Artist YoungTroop

During a time when music lovers are looking for the next big megastar in hip-hop music, versatility is what makes the artist stands out amongst most. People are looking for something different than radio spins and popular TikTok songs but a sound that can stimulate the mind. YoungTroop is the next artist up to the plate to take over the hip-hop world by storm with his versatile sound in music. In his relatively short music career, he has already made his way up the ranks quite effectively. 

YoungTroop is a young musician and hip-hop artist from South Central, California, raised on the East Side of Los Angeles. The B$M Record Label is the home and foundation of the 24-Year-old artist. Apart from his musical talents, YoungTroop is continuing to drop music and focus on his brand. Recently, the L.A. artist dropped a new exclusive video on Youtube entitled “Big Drip.” Big Drip is considered one of the hottest songs coming out the Great State of California with the melodic sounds of YoungTroop voice over a slow hitting 808 mellow instrumental. From the beat to the lyrics, YoungTroop takes us on a journey while expressing the reality of “Big Drip.” 

Check Out The New Visual “Big Drip” by YoungTroop 

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