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Meet Young Nicky: Seattle Emerging Hip-Hop Artist

Some might say Hip-Hop can make a difference in the world if it was created to evolve. With most artists sounding exactly alike or similar, the game has changed. However, Young Nicky is different from most artists with an authentic sound and vibe like no other. Young Nicky stated that he has "been influenced by the music his whole life." The musical influences can be heard in his music, which plays a significant role in Young Nicky's versatile rap flow and sound.

Seattle, Washington rapper Young Nicky is making noise in the heart of the America Recording Industry. As he continues to brand himself in the music business, he always makes time to create great music to ensure fans' a great listening experience. On December 18, 2019, on his Dad's birthday, Young Nicky delivered a masterpiece for his fans and hip-hop heads all across the universe with the release of "Versatile" EP.

"Versatile" is the first EP from the Seattle native, following his hit single "Make It Last Forever," which was for the lovely ladies, weed smokers, and moneymakers. Young Nicky delivers an unbelievable EP that is not up for question. Hitting the listeners with straight lyrical flows over dope instrumentals while displaying some of his most versatile rhymes and melodies. Listeners are overwhelmed by Young Nicky's consistency by presenting them with quality music.

Young Nicky is currently working on more music and getting prepared to take over the music game.

Stream “Versatile” by Young Nicky Here.

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