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Meet Your New Favorite Artist ONEOFAFRICA! - #HHOE

Dance, Groove, And Love Along To The Music For ONEOFAFRICA

Benin, Edo, Nigeria – Music is inspiring. Every artist who creates a song is hoping it will touch the listeners, but very few artists manage to inspire and alight their audience. Music veteran ONEOFAFRICA has no problem getting you to groove, dance, and laugh along to his inspiring songs.

ONEOFAFRICA or Ogbonna Nnamdi Emmanuel is an African Rapper and Musician who has used his love for music to touch the lives of people. Every song is meant to excite you and imbibe you with positive energy and happiness that’ll have you bobbing your head involuntarily.

As an African artist, ONEOFAFRICA doesn’t leave his culture and languages behind. Instead, he incorporates his native language and English to create some unique and truly inspiring. His beats and ability to twist the most beautiful feelings out of them are truly fascinating.

Ogbonna has two new singles out right now, “Ikenga” and “Abasiayaya.” Both tracks are uniquely energizing and uplifting in the best way. “Abasiayaya” is a song that is guaranteed to have you on your feet and dancing, while “Ikenga” is a wedding song that tells a beautiful love story.

“Ikenga,” tells the beautiful story of an African prince who disguises himself as a beggar to find love in his village. Eventually, he falls in love with a peasant girl, who he later takes away to be his queen. Towards the end of February, ONEOFAFRICA is also releasing a movie called “Coming to Africa … Ikenga.”

ONEOFAFRICA is an artist that has released multiple tracks in the past but currently has two amazing singles out. Make sure to stream both new singles as well as his old music through the official website as well as major streaming platforms. Also, be sure to follow the artist on all social media!


ONEOFAFRICA, or Ogbonna Nnamdi Emmanuel, is a Rapper and musician from Nigeria. Having started to develop a love for music from the age of 12, Ogbonna released a number of tracks and even signed a record deal with Done Deal International.


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Done Deal International LLC Doneza I Smith 2672065128

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