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Michigan Emerging Artist Since99 Will Be A Household Name in 2021

Talent comes in all different shapes in colors, and without no doubt, Since99 is the next upcoming hip-hop artist. The viral rapper has proven that he can compete with the best of the best in the music industry. Authentic vocals and lingo cannot be duplicated, and he displays some of his best work by using sports references to compliment his flow. The dynamic artist is deniably one of the youth and trap fans favorite new age artists making music on an indie level.

After streaming "No Go" there was no doubt that this guy wasn't born to be a rapper or just an entertainer. The song contains hardcore bass and potent lyrical content that makes you think, which makes Since99 a future stand out artist. Now that the world is catching on to his talent instead of his skin and music preferences, we can introduce something new to the rap industry.

When an artist has talent like Since99, other artists start to notice. Just last week Mega Rap star Lil Uzi co-signed him on Instagram Story. The Michigan artist was more surprised than the fans because no one is expecting that kind of love in the rap industry. Check out his last video 'Marino' and see why Lil Uzi Co-sign this new brand of trap rapper.

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