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Millie Redd’s “Smoke” Released Christmas Eve to Fans' Delight

New Single Out Now

MACON, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 - With the inspiring intention to morally encourage his loved ones so that they can tread on the path of healing and growth, Millie Redd has created some epic new music. By capturing a sense of motivation and support in his songs, he has managed to allow his audience to find closure in his lyrics. Millie Redd’s inspirational and dynamic music is a well-needed doorway to self-awareness.

This Christmas Eve, sing and dance along to the new single “Smoke” by Millie Redd, featuring Jamie Ray. With an aim of bettering the lives of their closest friends and family, they have created this impressive piece of music. Millie Redd is inspired to support his dear ones, and those who require help, to grow into better people and wishes to see them in a better place. His music acts as a metaphorical hug, providing the audience feelings of comfort and consolation.

Having been an original creator, Millie Redd does not “carry anyone’s sound”. Motivated to become an improved version of himself, he wishes his future fame to embody a helping hand towards those in need. Millie Redd’s new single “Smoke” has been well enjoyed by his audience and they seem to “love it”. Due to being a multitalented artistic personality, with experience as a tattoo artist and being able to “paint anything”, he has delved into his own amalgamation of emotions and music.

The collaboration between Millie Redd and Jamie Ray to create “Smoke” has been the product of wanting to motivate their dear and near ones on their endeavors. This original song carries its own lyrically unique and intriguing style. Millie Redd is a creative and artistic soul who began producing music in April 2018 and has made this Christmas significantly more enjoyable. Their new single “Smoke” has been released on Christmas Eve and is now available on YouTube and Facebook.


Millie Redd is an exceptionally multi-talented artist with more than two decades worth of experience as a tattoo artist. He has been making music since April 2018 and has recently released his new single “Smoke”. Inspired to bring a change for the better within his closed ones and to help them improve their lives, Millie Redd creates his amazing music. Currently, he is promoting his new single “Smoke”.


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