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Mindbender Supreme's The King Of Queen Street, Features Chuck D, Saukrates, Shad, Dj Mel Boogie

First single, “The Love That Love Produced” produced by Nefarius legend Tough Dumplin

Rapper, journalist and adult entertainer Mindbender Supreme drops his guest-filled double album, The King Of Queen Street, via Type A Records, out now. The Toronto artist created his 13th musical project with Toronto-based MCs, producers, DJs and photographers as an offering to rap history in the 50th anniversary year of hip hop culture.

“King of Queen Street is a concept album dedicated to my love of the Toronto music community, decade-plus of living on Queen Street, and my desire to make something special for Canadian rap history for the summer season on the 50th anniversary of hip hop,” says Mindbender Supreme. “I rounded up numerous unique producers, MCs, DJs and long-time musical friends and family to help wit this passion project intended to be inspirational edutainment in a time when hip hop seems to be lacking in the leadership and creativity it once had."

The inventive album includes production by Saukrates, Rich Kidd, Tone Mason, Tough Dumplin, Junia-T, G. Stokes, Peppermint Noise Pollution, The Riksha, and guest features by DJ Mel Boogie, DJX, DJ Mensa, DJ Grouch and more. Cultural icons Chuck D of Public Enemy, Ernie Pannicioli (legendary hip hop photographer from New Jersey), JUNO Award-winning rap artist Shad, artist/activist Ian Kamau, and journalist/radio host Norman Otis Richmond also appear.

The first single, "The Love That Love Produced," is an uptempo positivity anthem filled with three verses of witty wordplay delivered over a flute-sprinkled, bass-heavy boom-bap beat, crafted by Tough Dumplin, with live keys by Garry Kennebrew. It also samples rare Malcolm X passages where he spoke about love, self-expression and dancing,

“The song provides clever little reflections on intimacy, relationships, music lovers, family, and even a few pop culture references for comedic effect,” says Mindbender. “Ultimately, my message is basically this: it's wonderful when the music's hugging you.”

Mindbender Supreme has been a mainstay in Canadian hip hop for 25 years. Previous releases include the double album Beautiful Mutant (2004) and EPs Quarantine Wolf (2019) and Blindside (2020).

Under the name Addi Stewart, he is also a prominent journalist, who has interviewed such heavyweights as Kanye West, Nas, T.I., RZA, Method Man, John Legend, and Kool G. Rap, for various publications, including XXL, Pound Magazine, CBC, City on my Back, Swagg, and Now.

You may even have seen him as award-winning adult entertainer Malcolm Lovejoy (Toronto International P**n Festival’s 2017's Golden Beaver Award; TIPF’s 2018's Best Political Porn), under which he explores other avenues of self-expression and personal evolution.

Undoubtedly his other artistic work and discoveries emerge in the lyrics of The King of Queen Street. The song "50 Ways (Closure)," produced by and featuring Saukrates, speaks on modern relationships, dating, break-ups and the importance of closure. Another track, "Mr. Front Row," produced by Rich Kidd, celebrates Mindbender Supreme’s history as a staple in the front row of countless musical events in Toronto arts history, as well as "Inner Child's Hand," featuring Mel Boogie and DJX, and "Lovemonger's Message", featuring DJ Grouch.

The King of Queen Street concept continues on the album through vocal appearances by the aforementioned Ian Kamau and Shad, in addition to Toronto mayoral candidate Knia Singh, Neil Donaldson of Stolen From Africa, Matthew Progress of Freedom Writers, and others.

“The Love That Love Produced”

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