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Montreal Based Singer Opya Soulfully Yearns For "Good Love"

Finding true love can be hard. You can date one person after the other to search for it and you can get discouraged with each unsuccessful match.

Montreal-based. Armenian-born singer Opya croons her romantic desires in her new single, "Good Love". The song was written by Opya, Hasmik Grigoryan, and smooth singer NAATE NK.

"All day, I've been thinking about you

All night, I've been awake but don't want to

You're the one and only that can

Make me feel this way you're my man"

NAATE NK's is also notable for deftly switching between English and French as he raps, showcasing charm by playing the role of the guy that could give Opya the "good love" she yearns for. Buoying both Opya and NAATE NK is a sensual R&B and Afrobeat rhythm that is romantic as well as arousing.

Of the song's inspiration, Opya states, "The lyrics of the song were inspired by my past relationship. I had been in the relationship for a year and a half. Needless to say, the relationship ended. Many would say that our relationship seemed perfect. However, there was that lack of spark and love.”

Opya's tender, vulnerable vocals and lyrics combine with a smoky rhythm and NAATE NK's flirtatious braggadocio to make a standout love song. It expresses the desire for love that is true and passionate.

"No matter what hardships the individuals in the relationship are going through, if they have true love, they will be able to look past them."

Born and raised in Yerevan, Armenia as Hasmik Grigoryan, Opya got her start as a singer by performing on Broadway from ages 4 to 6, led by Naira Gyurjinyan. From there, Opya's love of singing and performing grew even as she moved to Montreal, Canada.

At the age of sixteen, Opya started to write her own music when the pandemic hit in 2020. She took on the moniker of Opya after seeing a "Word of The Day" social media post, which featured the word’"opia,’ meaning "the ambiguous intensity of looking. someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable."

Soon after, Opya collaborated with a close friend, beat maker Robert Tuta to write and release the song "3 Shots."

In 2021, Opya released her EP Cloud Nine, which allowed her to establish her sound as an R&B and soul singer.

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