Montu Mercury Releases His First Album, ‘The Realm Of Merc’ - #HHOE

Check Out Montu Mercury’s Latest Release for Other Worldly Music

Saint Louis, Missouri – “Game recognizes all game,” that is the code that Montu Mercury used to build the foundation of music within him. As a 90s kid, Montu grew up listening to the early hip-hop sounds. What cultivated his interest in music was his intrigue with the horrorcore music movement. With this, the artist began making music that resonated with the sounds of hip-hop, rap, and hardcore tunes.

Montu’s latest release is his album entitled ‘The Realm Of Merc’ that includes 13 tracks. The artist hopes for the music community to listen to his music with an open mind. The album’s core theme is about the darkness in life that gives way to light. With themes unheard of in mainstream music, the artist considers this album as a “rollercoaster ride.”

Apart from releasing his first album, Montu has gained a lot of attention for his singles. His biggest music video hit is “Darkness,” which got over 30k views in just one month. Montu is constantly evolving his musical style by getting hands-on experience with multi-platinum producers like J. Rob, Chopsquad DJ, and NY Bangerz.