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Mr. Bailey Baby Releases New Album, "Pure Song’s" - #HHOE

Listen to Mr. Bailey Baby’s Latest Hip-Hop and Rap Release

Columbus, Ohio – Never go basic. That is the motto that Mr. Bailey Baby or MBB, a hip-hop artist, has come to learn after his experience in the music industry. Mr. Bailey Baby started his musical progression with just a PlayStation music generator, moving forward to creating earworm beats for other local artists and himself. Today, MBB is a hip-hop and rap artist that combines catch wordplay and energetic tunes to enrapture listeners.

Mr. Bailey Baby’s new release is the album, ‘Pure Song’s’ that contains nine tracks. MBB used beats of EPIK THE DAWN for their crisp and ultra-modern instrumental sounds. The album is influenced by the hip-hop pioneers Aesop Rock and Busta Rhymes. Listeners who are looking for something new and fresh in the hip-hop music scene will surely enjoy the artist’s lyricism that ponders over profound questions.

‘Pure Song’s’ is a groovy album that sounds upbeat and sharp with its electrifying hip-hop tunes. The artist hopes that his unique touch to the tried and tested sounds of famed hip-hop artists will make way for a bigger fanbase in the future.

Check out Mr. Bailey Baby and his music, now available for streaming, download, and purchase. To follow the artist on social media or contact him for interviews, reviews, and collaboration, use the information given below.


Mr. Bailey Baby or MBB is a hip-hop artist hailing from Columbus, Ohio. MBB self-taught himself to create experimental sounds and rhymes with what he had at his arsenal. He was known for carrying his briefcase of rhymes to high school, earning himself the reputation of a dedicated artist right from the start. Over the years, MBB has honed his musical inclination, providing listeners with a unique twist to the hip-hop music scene. Apart from his musical career, the artist is also expanding his creativity for developing his clothing brand, Mr. Bailey Baby T-Shirt Jeans & Things.

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