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Multi-Talented Artist, Murks, Is Ready To Redefine Creativity - #HHOE

For rap enthusiasts searching for refreshing talent, there is some good news up ahead. Artist Murks is all set to release his latest single, “IM BACK,” soon. If you can’t wait for the newest single, feel free to check out the artist’s YouTube channel to play his previous tracks.

This independent, up-and-coming artist is a man of many talents and has taken it upon himself to test his limits. Always up for a challenge and highly motivated, Murks is also an entrepreneur. Acting as a parallel of sorts to the artist’s musical creativity, Murks recently launched his clothing line. Called GRIA LLC (Gotta Risk It All), Murks is all about stretching the limits and expanding horizons.

As a new artist, Murks has received a lot of positive feedback and encouragement from his audiences. Often described as raw and no holds barred, the artist’s vocals are also unique because of their clarity – something that rappers often miss. Due to Murks’ clear enunciation of the lyrics, the listener can expect to tune in and find themselves engaging with the song. As a result, the overall experience becomes enjoyable and mood-lifting.

The artist follows a simple philosophy of staying humble and true to his roots. Your roots make you who you are, believes the artist. Murks is motivated by the ambition to always stay busy. Currently, he is deeply involved in exploring unique ways to explore his business and music to take it to the next level. A keen observer, Murks is always aware of his surrounding – a factor that greatly influences his music.

The artist plans on releasing a mixtape in the coming year and is looking forward to making his business flourish.

For more information, please visit his website. Murks can also be connected with through his social media.


Born in Nyack, NY, Murks was raised in Spring Valley. A quiet person by nature, he loves observing people around him. He is easy to get along with, and other people’s happiness, his family’s specifically, motivates him to do better. Murks started building a following in late 2017; ever since it has been a steady journey. He has also performed for big names like Pop Smoke.


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