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Musician 'Tony Newbury' Releases His Best Work In 2020

Tony Newbury is a local rap and hip-hop musician who has been releasing a new single each Friday since the beginning of the year.

He’ll turn 21 years old later this year, and is calling the initiative “21 by 21.” You can listen to those tracks on his SoundCloud page, including his singles “Let’s Make a Song,” “One Day” and “1time.” He grew up listening to a lot of different music including Frank Sinatra and Black Eyed Peas, but his greatest influences are Kanye West and J Cole. He recognizes that good music can come from any genre – he sees himself expanding into many as he continues to develop his sound.

Newbury threw his first show in July 2019, but he’s certainly not new to music. He taught himself how to make beats on his high school’s library computer and as an intern at Blue Sky Productions in Bayville, New Jersey. He realized music was his passion and has been creating ever since.

“I’m a kid from the suburbs that wanted to speak to other kids and let them know we are all going through a lot of the same things and can make it through them,” Tony explains.

Tony says his music is super personal. He sees the best in others and wants to inspire listeners to find the best in themselves and chase their dreams.

“(The) inspiration for every song I have released is my life,” Tony tells PST. “My goal is to connect with my listeners through my own experiences and build their story into my music.”

The Jersey native has already released two albums and plans on dropping a mixtape in July.  His music is available on all the usual platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.) He recently won first place at Concert Crave Showcase in Asbury Park and will be hosting a headline show in Freehold this June.

Can he maintain this furious pace and hit 21 new releases by his 21st birthday? Check out his Instagram and Facebook pages to stay in the know and find out about upcoming performances!

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