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NAMIDA: LoFi Hip Hop Sample Pack WAV

We proudly presents ‘Namida: Lofi Hip Hop’. Packed to the brim with soothing and mellow sounds and loops, this soundbank is just bubbling over with lush and chilled out vibes.

Whether you are looking for a soulful jazzy piano, distant atmosphere, catchy saxophone melody, or dusty drum break, this extensive sample bank will satisfy your needs.

‘Namida: Lofi Hip Hop’ provides an authentic aesthetic of popular 24/lofi streams and is a must-have for every loft hip hop beatmaker.

If you’re looking for perfect Lofi sounds, these music samples will be best for you.

Pack includes:

11 x Bass 25 x Drums 11 x Effected Melody 16 x Keys 14 x Pads 6 x Saxophone

One Shots (20):

20 x Drums

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