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NC Artist ISO Beatz Drops New Single "Trippie" from His Latest EP

A rising star and prodigy, ISO Beatz has already released more than ten songs at the age of 16 and is making his way into the music industry with his high energy and versatile music. His new EP, “In Search Of…” uses modern-day motifs with its upbeat and urban sounds.

The gifted artist started his career by making beats on his phone. Since then, he has been unstoppable. With the limited resources of a teenager, he creates music at home using consumer-grade equipment and computer software sequencers. For a high school kid of his age, he is exceptionally talented and focused.

His blend of 808 and melodic overtones are quite remarkable and evident in his song called “Green.” With his new single, “Trippie”, he returns style and substance into music, something he believes is missing in today’s industry. The song is a mellow, laid back freestyle which gives a chill vibe.

On the other hand, “In Yo Place” has a vigorous rhythm. ISO Beatz explains that, as a new artist, one needs to prove himself at every stage. However, once you achieve stardom, fame and popularity follow effortlessly. His lyrics are powerful and quirky. “Tendo” espouses a similar theme in its effort to turn a blind eye to negativity and “haters.”

While speaking on some of his influences for musical diversity, ISO Beatz comments, XXXTentacion’s skillfulness and adaptability “made me understand that even though he’s known for one style, he’s also very versatile and can expand his musical technique in any direction he wants.” Ski Mask The Slump God is another artist from which he draws inspiration. He goes on to explain that, “His music has a happy and positive vibe – which I like.”

ISO Beatz’s flight of imagination stems from his inclination to produce fresh and eccentric music. His versatility knows no bounds, and he can change his flow to accommodate his creative demands. He uses a holistic approach towards blending different styles of music. The inclusion of different genres makes his production stand out.

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