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New and Upcoming: Enterprising Artist #YoBoY D-maxx100 - #HHOE

The world of rap finds another aspiring addition to it

New artist #YoBoY D-maxx100 is a one-person rap powerhouse. The solo singer plus songwriter is ready to introduce his brand of music to the world. Rap music has always been a sign of resistance, used to bring forth topics that would not normally find a willing audience. Artist #YoBoY D-maxx100 wishes to tap into the same tradition. He believes his music’s nature is such that everyone would find it relevant and relatable, despite hailing from a different culture or background.

The singer/songwriter also believes that his music’s content is worth listening because it can make one grow as a person. This claim is not too hard to believe – music has been known to touch people’s hearts and lives. Whether you, as a listener, experience maturity by listening to this enterprising artist's music is not guaranteed. However, you can give it a try and find out for yourself what #YoBoY D-maxx100 has in store for you. You can listen to his music by clicking here.

For more information and to stay tuned in to the latest releases from #YoBoY D-maxx100 follow him on social media @1ts.YoBoY.

Parental Advisory: The music is intended for mature audiences. The artist’s music has strict parental advisory labels and will not play on YouTube in restricted mode. Parental discretion is recommended.


#YoBoYD-maxx100 is an artist and a songwriter hailing from Long Beach, California, and ‘Sin City,' as he likes to call Las Vegas. The creative artist uses his life experiences as inspiration to come up with his beats and rhymes. For example, his dual experiences of living in cities have inspired him to create a mixtape in the past. #YoBoY D-maxx100 is consistently dropping new music for all. You can find the upcoming artist on several platforms.

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