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New Music: 60 East, Blu, and Sa-Roc Collaborate on New Single 'Soul Fly'

Renowned rapper 60 East joins forces with Grammy-nominated producer Eric G, a member of 9th Wonder's esteemed Soul Council, for an electrifying new single. This collaboration features the iconic Blu and the unparalleled Sa-Roc from Minneapolis's Rhymesayers Entertainment. With their distinct styles and unparalleled skill, these three lyrical maestros deliver a mesmerizing performance over a soulful beat and captivating hook crafted by Stephanie Soul.

While the album won't be available on streaming platforms until later this year, fans can get their hands on the exclusive release by purchasing the album directly from 60 East via as of TODAY. This unique opportunity allows fans to experience the music firsthand and support the artists directly and also includes a ticket to the official release party.

For more information and to purchase "My Hometown," visit

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