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New Music: Status The Marlboro Man - "City's Cold Hearted"

CITY'S COLD HEARTED is a new single by Emcee Status The Marlboro Man. The song is written and produced by Status on the Akai MPC 2000XL. Don't be fooled by the uplifting piano melody, catchy chorus and radio friendly drum pattern - City's Cold Hearted is as hardcore as it gets. 

After walking through the streets of one of America's fastest growing cities, Status began observing the harsh realities of the marginalized citizens. There were refugees with children begging for change and washing windows of passing by cars. There were homeless camps with as many as 100 inhabitants on many blocks. The upper crest either ignored the less fortunate or filmed them with their phones. Status documented these tragedies in a rhyme and quickly began writing City's Cold Hearted in his head.

Once the beat was produced it became clear that the song was catchy enough to hit the airwaves but with a very real message. The government is certainly to blame for the lack of resources and care. The problem grows and people moch those effected on Instagram and Tik Tok. Hopefully City's Cold Hearted can raise some awareness and rare kindness for those experiencing homelessness. 

"City's Cold Hearted" 



Andreas (Goon Promotion)

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