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New Single Titled “Fake” From Chichi Marie - #HHOE

The story of two lovers. “Fake” by Chichi Marie featuring Paul Wall

Houston, Texas – Love has always been one of the biggest inspirations for artists. Many artists have written out love stories in the form of the catchiest tunes today. Another artist who’s telling a story about love and heartbreak is Chichi Marie.

A story of heartbreak in a song is extremely popular among an audience because of how many people can relate to it. Every listener has felt the hurt that comes with arguing with a loved one. In Chichi Marie’s latest single featuring Paul Wall, she brings out these feels of hurt and anguish in ways that everyone can relate to. The new single “Fake” tells the story of two lovers going through some relationship issues. These are issues you’ll see in any relationship, the biggest being trust issues. Chichi Marie is accusing her lover in the song, Paul Wall, of being unfaithful. Amid her accusations of cheating, she calls him fake.

In a bid to clear his name, Paul Wall tells his side of the story. He talks about how her previous experiences are making her paranoid and that he has never been unfaithful. The song as a whole is a heart wrenching conversation that many couples will be able to relate to. All of Chichi Marie’s music comes with a message. In the artist’s own words, “Fake” comes with a message as well, but it’s up to the listener to find it. Depending on which side they choose, the message may be different. The new single “Fake” from Chichi Marie is available on all major streaming platforms. For more about Chichi Marie and her music, visit her official website and YouTube channel!


Chichi Marie, formerly known as Chiemeri, is a Nigerian American artist, actress, model, choreographer, and songwriter. The artist was scouted as a 15-year-old by the Neal Hamil Agency and has since had her career take off in modeling as well as music. She has dabbled in musical theatre and has performed her music on stage all over Texas.

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