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NIASHA Enters Her Main Character Era on New Single ‘MOVE’

“Every lyric hits home, and I’m able to visualise the exact situation in my head. This track feels polished and radio-ready, and it’s a great sign of what’s to come from NIASHA.” - Ben Madden ‘‘4AM‘ offers a riveting blend of moody old-school R&B sonics. Though, it’s NIASHA’s powerhouse vocals which truly invigorate the track, as she delivers a musing display of sincere and melancholic harmonies.” - The Local Frequency “Make no mistake, NIASHA knows who she is. She’s a boss. She’s a Queen. And she wants all women to know that they are too.” - AUD’$

Melbourne-based multi-talent NIASHA enters a new era of main character energy with her latest single ‘MOVE’, a hip-hop track that calls out the naysayers who have stood in her way.

Harnessing her pent-up impatience towards industry gatekeepers, ‘MOVE’ offers up an unwavering sense of power that radiates throughout the track. While it serves as a message to those who have been an obstruction to her greatness, the record also marks the beginning of a new era - NIASHA’s journey towards creating a lasting impression on the world. On what influenced the record, NIASHA says, “I had been going through a lot of disheartening experiences within my personal and professional life. I realized a part of the problem was that I wasn’t speaking my truth and lacked assertiveness. This record allowed me to put pen to paper and utilize ‘NIASHA’ as an entity that speaks her mind, telling everyone to move out of the way.”

Produced by BLUM, ‘MOVE’ channels an energy that makes it impossible to turn away from, finding its excellence in the stark contrast between resonant bass, rising synths, and angelic backing vocals. With distortion throughout the vocals that echo as though they are being delivered through a megaphone, the track sustains a military-like steadiness, inevitably inviting the listener to rally behind the movement. While the soundscape provides the ultimate backdrop for the record, it’s NIASHA’s lyrical deftness that takes the track to its triumphant end. There’s references to her past songs, a salute to her influences, and a whole lot of double entendres like the line ‘I don’t need a seat at your table, coz your food ain’t seasoned’. With many more bars filled with analogies and NIASHA’s infectious charisma, the track will take listeners a second play to fully appreciate its lyrical dexterity in all its glory. NIASHA truly personifies the saying that dynamites come in small packages. The Zimbabwean-born singer, songwriter, rapper, and spoken word artist based in Melbourne, Australia, attributes her upbringing in Zimbabwe as paramount to her sound and development as a creative artist. A lover of psychology, community, enjoyment and love; NIASHA delves into these themes through her music and visual conceptualization. Stay tuned for the accompanying music video slated for release on the 23rd of March. With a lot more material to come this year as NIASHA continues her pursuit of building a legacy, expect to hear more music in diverse genres that will utilize her mother tongue Shona and other Bantu languages.

Stream MOVE now on Soundcloud



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