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Nico EL-Bey Puts It All On The Line With New Single "Fade Away"

There is a lot that can deter an artist from reaching their potential, and for Nico EL-Bey that almost became his reality when he found himself behind bars. Today, Nico EL-Bey is free and ready for the world to know his name with his debut single, “Fade Away,” available for streaming on YouTube now. 

“Fade Away” does nothing more than impress and entertain simultaneously as Nico EL-Bey puts his best foot forward with his debut single. It is an anthemic track that guarantees listeners near and far will be singing along after just one listen. Something hip hop fans yearn for when tuning into their favorite station. With that, it’d be wise to add “Fade Away” to any hot new artist playlists, or lists that sites have ready to go this summer. 

Stream “Fade Away” from Nico EL-Bey

Nico EL-Bey grew up on the rougher side of town than most. Adopted at a young age, he grew up with behavioral issues and no real outlet. Landing in behind bars at 18 may have turned some lives down the wrong path for good, but Nico EL-Bey spent his time away learning the ins and outs of music. When he finally got to leave, he had to decide where he wanted his life to go from there and he started running towards music. Now he’s living as best he can with his debut single, ‘Fade Away,” 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, featuring “Fade Away” on their site, or interviewing Nico EL-Bey for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

Contact: Nico EL-Bey

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