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Novatore Releases New Single 'Pyromaniacs' feat. Celph Titled

Novatore from Chicago is dropping his new Album "The 87 Arsonist" on 26th of April via Goon MuSick.

The Album features Celph Titled, Lord Goat (Non Phixion), Daniel Son and more. Heavy beats from C-Lance, Stu Bangas and Snowgoons providing a dark and hard soundscape.

 Novatore and Celph Titled literally burning down on the lyrics on the new single "Pyromaniacs" produced by C-Lance. 

Get ready for the Vinyl and CD drop on GoonsGear because both are super limited.

Novatore feat. Celp Titled "Pyromaniacs" Lyrics Video

Spotify Link

Novatore "The 87 Arsonist" Vinyl/CD PreOrder











ApRock (Goon Promotion)

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