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NYC Representative Casket D. Releases New Visual "Lavender Wallees"

"S2WER STEAM" is the 2nd installment of the EP series by Casket D. which he describes as his "love letters to the Apple that's Rotten". Inspired by and harvesting the soul of golden era NYC rap that he was enamored and fell in love with as a youth, Casket slices through every beat with a vengeance, terrorizing each instrumental with complex flows and Jedi level bars that literally make your hair raise, figuratively make your ears salivate all while your mind is asking yourself "WTF did we just hear."

S2WER STEAM features Eto on the menacing "Treasure Chest" where both gritty MC's compliment each other extremely well. Eto hits hard and blatant sparking the track off with lines like "Too much d*ck suckin' I'm sucker ducking, he'll lose it all bout that n*gga his babymother fuckin" followed by Casket playing cleanup to close out the song with his own hard hitting bars such as "Please be easy talkin' greezy it's awfully critical, my young boy dying to put fourteen clips in you, BANG, I'm Lil Wayne in the Carter dòs..."

The Captain follows tradition of the first SEWER STEAM in keeping a self described "hidden treasure track" on part 2 (not to be confused with the song titled "Treasure Chest") this hidden song being "Big Trouble" where he addresses major labels with extreme confidence in knowing his worth and demands. He also makes sure to let his rapper contemporaries know they aren't close to his skillset, stating things like "I can lap them just with filler, I flow like water every bar that be the distiller". S2WER STEAM is an elite MC taking extreme pride in displaying that with raw passion and precision from the very moment it starts til its completion.

Casket D. - S2WER STEAM Links Spotify | YouTube | Apple Music | Tidal

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