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Pheel IsReal “Allah Sent Me To Be King” Out Now!

Pheel IsReal Releases New Album “Allah Sent Me To Be King”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2021 -- As he releases his new album , “Allah Sent Me to Be King” , Pheel IsReal promises to deliver a sound & style not quite heard before. Pheel IsReal is set to stun and mesmerize listeners with the release of his upcoming album lead by two singles , two of many to come “She Cold” & “AirPod’s” currently streaming now gives just a brief taste and sound of what’s to come .

With a blend of energetic , aggressiveness and vulnerability wrapped up in this ten song album . It will be released in two versions a clean & explicit . Pheel plans to also release a deluxe version with 4 new tracks at the end or top of next year . As a songwriter with a no holds bar lyrical style , bringing with himself the passionate love he has for hip-hip he pours all into this album. Pheel IsReal hopes and is sure he will make his mark in the music industry clearly that his sounds sets him a part . With tracks such as “A Letter To A Younger Me” his 3rd single from the album (video dropping the night of the album ), which brings all those different elements together in one.

Independently crafting each track on “Allah Sent Me to Be King”, they all have a story of how they came about . Hints this album was written on the move not in a study place which gave Pheel more to see and explore and inspired creativity . On this album you will get just that “creativity”.. Along the way through his musical journey, Pheel IsReal has learned and adopted traits and trades of audio engineering, video directing, editing, graphic designing and the key elements of marketing .Pheel IsReal remains empowered to captivate with a head-on, aggressive, and conscientious approach towards each track.

Pheel IsReal album “Allah Sent Me To Be King” an videos available now on all streaming platforms . Follow Pheel IsReal on all social media @pheelisreal for updates regarding new releases. Contact Pheel IsReal for any information regarding placements, interviews, features, and collaborations.

(About Artist)

A rising talent in the world of Hip Hop and Rap, Pheel IsReal is set to soar, inspired to follow his passions in the musical world. Born in Mississippi, IsReal moved to Chicago around the age of 5 and was subsequently raised and bred in Chicago- the city that he calls his home. IsReal began writing up to the age of 10, recording & going vocal around the age of 13.

Besides growing up in a lot of unfortunate situations, the talented artist has also lived through a life-threatening altercation in the streets of Chicago, which left him to be pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. Pheel IsReal was later revived and stayed in ICU for almost 2 weeks.

After the life-changing and momentous incident, Pheel IsReal’s entire perspective on life and the world around him shifted. Which put more fire up under to pursue what he call theory , his music. Also along the way came his conversion of religion as a Muslim which totally explains the title of this album “Allah Sent Me To Be King”. Making that transition doing a stay in Philadelphia with his mom during a dilemma he had back in Chicago.


Allah Sent Me To Be King

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