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Phily Skeamz Is Back With His Hot New Single “Tellin’ Lies”

After the release of “Lucid Nightmarez” in May, Phily Skeamz is back again with his hot new single “Tellin’ Lies,” available July 10th, 2020 on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Upon first listen “Tellin’ Lies” proves to be a classic. Phily Skeamz newest single captures the essence of a nightclub in such a way that listeners can’t help but imagine the setting.

Everyone can compare a line with a lounge memory. Based on personal life experiences, the lyrics bring authenticity to the track. “Tellin Lies” shows depth, versatility, and imagery we have yet to see from the DMV artist. The typical sound from him could be considered alternative, conscious, or abstract rap that’s often left to interpretation. 

The lyrics were easier to grasp than those on “Lucid Nightmarez,” but did not compromise his patented rhythmical appeal. This track shows many different perspectives from the point of view of loyal and disloyal women, also perspectives from philanderers and men who aren’t so lucky. This record speaks volumes and refuses to be ignored. A song like this from Phily Skeamz is long overdue based on the amount of content he has released. This song takes the audience back to the carefree vibe of his mixtape, ‘Catch Up.’

Stream “Tellin’ Lies” by Phily Skeamz


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