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Powerhouses B.L.A.C. and Matthew Bento Drop Stunning New Single

An exciting new release, “Around Here” is a timely new track, endowing listeners with an empowering and driving Hip Hop composition.

Devonshire, Bermuda, Bermuda — March 2, 2022 – Few tracks are able to fully encapsulate the spirit of their theme than eclectic artist B.L.A.C.’s new single, “Around Here”. The electric new single is every entrepreneur’s go-to track, curated specifically with the audience in mind.

Featuring rising talent Matthew Bento, “Around Here” is rife with riveting, thrilling, and motivating song writing blended with sensory rhythms and tunes. Made as a backdrop for every go getters life, the track is a reminder for how far one has come, fighting against the odds, and pays homage to the hard work and dedication that is put in becoming what one strives to be.

A unique Hip Hop tangent, “Around Here” was released on New Year’s Eve at 12am. A seamless collaboration, the track highlights the musical prowess of artist and producer Matthew Bento, who is currently signed to Sony as a songwriter.

Listeners will be fully immersed in the lyrical genius that is presented by both artists on the new track. Hearing this song fans of Hip Hop will be enveloped in an optimistic, feel good vibe-inspired, motivated and reminded that they have come far in their pursuit of excellence. However, more than lyrical prowess and catchy beats, the new single stands out due to the uniqueness of the music, with its roots in diverse multi-cultural influences and styles. Inspired by the distinct styles and elements of music from Bermuda, the artist’s compositions echo a blend of influences from Reggae, Dancehall, Rap, Hip Hop, Calypso, Soca, and other exciting genres.

“The most compelling and motivating thing about music to me is the way it connects with others and the way it breaks through language barriers. Music is truly thee universal language that speaks to the soul,” says B.L.A.C. regarding his inspirations. Spread the word, share, like, repost, buy, download, press play and play loud- the newest track by B.L.A.C. Follow the talented artis on Spotify and Instagram to keep up on new releases and Merch. The artist is open to collaborations with promising creatives as a means to be heard everywhere and inspire everybody who tunes in. ABOUT Rejon Tucker, better known by his industry name B.L.A.C. (Beyond Limits Abilities Change) spearheads a phenomenon of dedication in the Hip Hop world. With 21 years of experience, the dynamic artist remains inspired to produce quality music, sculpting his own unique persona.

At the age of 16 during High School, B.L.A.C was the first presented with the potential of becoming an artist professionally, assisted with his friend and aide KingSize. Ever since, he has continued to stun with one great single after another. Driven by a goal to be at the top of the Top 100 Billboard chart, B.L.A.C’s plan is to make the new single into an NFT so people can own a piece of this art, as well as get it featured in movies, commercials, and radio shows on heavy rotation.

CONTACT B.L.A.C. Name: Blac Triangle Music Email:

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