Presenting STIN, the Up and Coming Rapper - #HHOE

Look Out for STIN’s Latest Hip-Hop Releases

Newport Beach, California – STIN is a musician who used his years of experience writing as a sportswriter to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a songwriter. His musical talent and creativity have allowed the artist to produce music that captivates listeners with catchy tunes and relatable lyrics.

STIN’s most famous song yet is “LUST”, with over 74,000 plays on Spotify. The chill hip-hop sounds and the lyrical rap make for a mellow song that listeners can unwind with. STIN took a more emotional approach to his music with the single “Greed” that garnered over 20,000 plays. This range shows the artist has a song for every mood.

Listeners should watch out for the artist’s long-awaited debut album release, ‘Feel It’. This release will di