President Zik and BHP Release Tunes That Inspire The Heart And Mind

This consortium of music uses catchy upbeat tunes to empower the audience and underline the importance of authenticity in the unoriginal era of the internet.

ABUJA, FCT, NIGERIA, July 26, 2022 – President Zik and BHP are a new up-and-coming band that believes in the sincere motivating power of music. The new artists produce narratives in music that are severely lacking in the music industry by socially grounding their songs. It is clear that this newer outlook on the industry is exponentially important to encourage diversity of perspectives in music and beyond.

On closer inspection, this collection of music by President Zik is a consortium of tunes that tries to inspire introspection and critical thinking within all individuals. An enduring common theme remains the narratives around independence and ownership of work which encourage new artists to pause their self-doubt in favor of their passion. It is for this reason that discovery of such music makes the listener feel euphoric. The eclectic artist is known for creating scintillating tunes that boast individualism as well as teamwork all in one- which inspire us all.

The band’s newest album was released on the 30th of April 2022 through BHP Entertainment. The guest features on the album include Hotyce, EESkay, Abyssinia, Zilla Oaks, Fem-IGH, and Suranu. The music in itself is very energetic, triumphant, and defiant. It is also very introspective and motivating as it covers the themes of hard work, authenticity, community, teamwork, and success. Mo