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Rap Artist Anthony Levone Delivers a Powerful Message in New Single: "Peacekeepers"

Hip-Hop Artist Anthony Levone creates a reflective life experience track about violence, equal rights, and complication within the urban communities and makes it known he is trying to keep the peace amongst all people.

Atlanta, Georgia – May 24, 2022 – Creating motivational music to inspire the youth, with inspirational lyrics that make you think, which describes the sounds of emerging hip-hop artist Anthony Levone's new single release, "Peacekeepers."

Hip-Hop artist Anthony Levone released his latest single, "Peacekeepers," featuring Fooly23, which displays a solid message to the world about what is going on within the urban communities in the USA. Anthony uses the art of storytelling to grasp the listener's attention by encouraging them to choose peace over violence. "Peacekeepers" is more than a song but a blueprint to inspire and help others in life to partake in changing the mindset of taking each other lives.

The emerging rap artist is undoubtedly on his way to success, working towards a significant change in hip-hop music but sticking to what he loves the most, his passion for music. Anthony is constantly working towards gaining maximum exposure for his brand and music while generating new fans by making music that people can relate to and play at any time of the day.

"Peacekeepers" is now available on all major streaming platforms

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