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Rap Artist Pheel Is Real Unveils New Track

As he gears towards the release of a new single, “She Cold” and album, “Allah Sent Me to Be King”, dynamic artist Pheel IsReal promises a riveting musical tour.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 - Changing the game of Rap and Hip Hop, eclectic singer-songwriter Pheel IsReal is set to stun and mesmerize listeners with the release of his stirring new single. Titled “She Cold”, the new single dropped for listeners on August 28th and is available for streaming on the artist’s official platforms.

An immersive blend of songwriting and lyrical prowess, “She Cold” is set to drop for listeners of Rap and Hip Hop on September 5th. Bringing with himself a dynamism that is infused within his passionate and stirring tracks, Pheel IsReal hopes to make his mark on the fabric of the Rap World.

Independently crafting each track which is set to become a part of his upcoming album, “Allah Sent Me to Be King”, Pheel IsReal showcases his unique musical spirit. Strongly influenced by talented powerhouses from Chicago such as Mickey Halsted, G- Count, Bump J & Sly Polaroid, Kanye West, Pheel IsReal remains empowered to captivate with a head-on, aggressive, and conscientious approach towards each rhythmic track.

Led by a burning passion for music since the young age of 5, the artist began writing and recording his vocals around the age of 13. Along the way through his musical journey, Pheel IsReal has learned and adopted traits and trades of audio engineering, video directing, editing, and graphic designing.

Visit Pheel IsReal’s website to check out his fresh new song and music video, and follow the artist on social media for updates regarding new releases. Contact Pheel IsReal for any information regarding placements, interviews, features, and collaborations.


A rising talent in the world of dynamic Hip Hop and Rap, Pheel IsReal is set to soar, inspired to follow his passions in the musical world. Born in Mississippi, the artist moved to Chicago around the age of 5 and was subsequently raised and bred in Chicago- the city that he calls his home.

Besides growing up in a lot of unfortunate situations, the talented artist has also lived through a life-threatening altercation in the streets of Chicago, which left him to be pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital. Pheel IsReal was later revived and stayed in ICU for almost 2 weeks.

After the life-changing and momentous incident, Pheel IsReal’s entire perspective on life and the world around him shifted. Pheel IsReal also independently designed all his logos and album covers.


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